Sabrina Claman

Sabrina Claman, Studio Communications Manager and multifaceted artist within Grasshorse, is a 2020 graduate from the University of Iowa with a BFA in Drawing with Honors and a Japanese Minor. She dabbles in several areas of the studio including storyboarding, character design, audio performance, and social media management and marketing.

In summer of 2020, Sabrina began as an intern at Grasshorse to create a Puppet Justice short “Clowns in my Circus”. Later transitioning to a studio artist in January of 2021 to assist in 2d animation and special effects in Carefree Dental Card commercial, Power of the Card. She plays the voices of HR and Pumpernickel in the Puppet Justice Youtube show Judge Gavel’s Opinion as well as being a digital puppeteer during performances and the lead comic layout designer for the Puppet Justice Webtoon.

In her own work, Sabrina is a Story Artist. Her ambitions in art are to explore means of communicating ideas to audiences with empathy and vulnerability. To talk about what’s difficult to say and to appreciate the nuances of the world around us. In 2019, she was a recipient of the ICRU grant for explorative creative research on local farming and participated in the Iowa Dare to Discover Campaign. In her final semester at the University of Iowa, Sabrina hosted a gallery titled “They Called it Home”--an interactive installation exploring alternative storytelling methods. While she works on developing her own narratives, Sabrina illustrates for children’s books and book cover design projects. Her most active project is being the illustrator for Arlorosa’s “Dawn of Maw” Webtoon.

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