Jade Barnes

Jade Barnes, witty Animator with strong illustration abilities, shakes up Grasshorse through her charismatic approach to concept and design. Her character performance and design work are lovable and engaging. Outside of Grasshorse, Jade's designs can be found through the University of Iowa's Theater Department where she works as a graphic designer and a web designer for Explore Iowa.

Jade began working on projects at the studio in the spring of 2020 as a cleanup animator for Gone West's lyric video "Slow Down", completed a studio internship that summer to create the "Mr. Johnson's Banana Flavored Condoms" for Puppet Justice, and has been with us ever since as she also works hard in her final year to complete her Painting BFA with certificates in Entrepreneurial Management and Public Digital Arts on the visual-storytelling track at the University of Iowa. In her own work, she focuses on transmitting emotions through animation and illustrations--especially narratives directed towards children. Seeing great value in children's moral development through visual elements like cartoons, Jade aims her abilities towards bringing diverse, untold stories to all audiences. Jade is driven to create authentic and playful narratives in which audiences can experience in the universal language art gives the world.

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Website: jadecbarnes.com