Chris Graber

Chris Graber, Traditional Animator with twelve years of experience at Grasshorse, has been a key team member in many challenging projects since the beginning of Grasshorse’s time in Iowa. She excels in storyboarding and traditional animation, as well as being the source of most hand-painted or hand-constructed elements in final production. Chris utilizes these skills to help establish the look and flow of several iconic projects, such as foam fabrication and painting for the sets of Shboinks and the 2009 Jeep Treasure stop motion/3d animation spots. She can be credited with the final paintings for backgrounds in the Flare Virus Explained video featured in the 2015 Maze Runner: Scorch Trials and backgrounds in Grasshorse’s Red Water Watch Commercial Series.

With Chris’ work in the studio, you’ll find many of Grasshorse’s projects feel more tangible and welcoming. It helps marry the hybrid animation aesthetic we continue to push forward with familiar and loving designs to create believable worlds these characters perform in.