Our Facilities

Grasshorse studio is fully equipped with leading edge equipment and software to satisfy any pre-production, production and post production needs.   The 6,000 square foot building has a basement, first floor and, in a partial second story. 


Our facility is headquartered in the Southeastern Iowa in the historic Pratt Electric Theatre building in Winfield, Iowa.  Since headquartering here in 2010 we have outfitted it into a modern, high-tech facility. 

Equipment and Machinery


Grasshorse is proficient in 2D, 3D and stop motion animation in many flavors, including mixed media/hybrid animation, cut-out animation, experimental animation, and our proprietary technology for advanced stop motion.


Animation Software

·         Adobe After Effects

·         Adobe Dreamweaver

·         Adobe Flash

·         Adobe Illustrator

·         Adobe Photoshop

·         Adobe Premiere

·         Apple Final Cut Pro

·         Autodesk Maya

·         Autodesk Smoke

·         Avid Media Composer

·         Avid Pro Tools

·         Blender   


Our work stations are outfitted with state of the art Wacom Cintiq monitors that enable our artists to “draw” directly on the monitor and cutting edge animation and computer graphics software.Animation Equipment

·         Fabrication Shop

o   3D Printers (3)

o   Mold Making

o   Laser Cutting

o   Water Jet Cutting

·         Wood shop

·         Metal Shop

·         Electronics Shop

·         Air Brush

·         Sand Blasting

·         Textile Station

·         Motion Control Gantries (3)

Live Action Capabilities

Our production studio is also outfitted with live action equipment including:

Digital Audio

·         5:1 Mixing capabilities           

·         8 Channel digital audio Pro Tools workstation

·         Digital Audio on-location recorder

·         Foley microphone

·         Preamplifiers

·         Shotgun microphone with boom pole

·         Sound booth

·         Voice over microphones

Grip and Lighting Equipment

·         12 foot trailer

·         12x12 silk

·         2 2K Fresnel lights

·         2 full apple box sets

·         2 high rollers

·         2 LTM Pepper light kits

·         4 1K Fresnel lights

·         4 5K Fresnel lights

·         4 Source 4 750 watt lights

·         6 1500 Watt Scoop lights

·         C Stands with cart

·         Full Matthews flag, scrim and silk kit

·         Sand bags

·         Stingers

·         Greenscreen


·         Camera accessories and expendables

·         DIT workstation

·         Mini jib arm

·         RED One Digital Cinema Camera (Rental)

·         Slate

·         Various professional tripods and heads

Full HD Editing

·         5:1 Sound

·         Blu-Ray and DVD authoring capability

·         Editing workstation with Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Compositer

·         Screening/conference room

·         ·                 ·   SDI and HDMI In and Out