Sgt. Red and Mingo: Painted Turtle

The unique look in this PSA was created with hybrid animation. Integrating 2D and 3D animation allows Grasshorse Studios to take advantage of the unique strengths of each style while minimizing their weaknesses.  

Sgt. Red is a brash but lovable drill sergeant turtle who is ever-vigilant to stop “dishonorable discharges” in storm sewers.  Red’s sidekick, Mingo, accompanies him everywhere. In this video, Sgt. Red and Mingo passionately educate the uninformed “Civilian” about the devastating effects paint has when its dumped into the storm sewer.

The character designs for this spot are derived from natives to Oklahoma.  Sgt. Red is a stylized red-eared slider turtle and Mingo an orange-throated darter fish.  These small darters are bottom dwellers and, when a stream’s water becomes polluted, one of the first affected.  Civilian is a well-meaning but uninformed man that Sgt. Red has under surveillance.  

Grasshorse created this spot in cooperation with the City of Tulsa Stormwater Quality department. Remember, water soluble does NOT mean water safe!