Healthy Paws Pet Insurance: Accidents Happen

Category: 2D Animation
Client: Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
TRT: 30

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation is a compassion-driven company committed to helping provide our four-legged loved ones quality care. Grasshorse first-time director Sabrina Claman designed this narrative about valuing the moment and the love you are given by your furry best friend. Inspired by her own dog, Bea and her dog, Bell, illustrate the bond between person and dog through a series of relatable events and typical dog owner experiences. These might be frustrating in the moment, but we deal with them as dog owners because we love our little guys and want to give them the world. By connecting with Healthy Paw’s desire for a commercial that is genuine and motivated by love, Grasshorse used the familiar charm of 2D animation to create a style that evoked a kindred connection between viewers and the characters.